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BREE "BRIKKO" HAYASHI 林舞理子 (aka 林詩絵夢)


I've always loved reading & writing stories. I write short stories, movie screenplays, TV scripts, blogs, and I'm working on my first illustra-novella. I have *way* too many ideas & projects in development and only hope & pray that I can get them written down in my time on this planet!  (@_@)



Although I've worked as a writer-producer-director in secular and Christian media for many years, I just recently started concentrating on artwork - primarily training in Japanese manga & anime-style. I'd ultimately like to develop my own unique style of drawing/artwork. It's challenging, but I can't wait to see where the Lord leads in this area. (^_^)



I was born in SoCal, but moved to Japan when I was Sumiyoshi-ku in Osaka city to be exact. I totally loved living in Japan and miss it immensely! I later moved back to California - to the San Francisco Bay Area in NorCal to study Broadcasting and went on to work in secular media (TowerRecords-TalentAgency-TelevisionStation). I met my husband "Nikko" there and (even though he's from Tokyo!) fell in love as we worked together translating & subtitling Japanese dramas & commercials into English. After we married we felt the Lord calling us to work in Christian media. Now that our son feels called to a writing ministry, it's all in the family!  (-_<)



I'm a Bible-based Christian & it colors every aspect of my life. It gives me the hope & balance I need to stay optimistic & persevere. If you don't know Jesus Christ as the love of your life, I encourage you to seek a relationship with Him & He'll lead the way to eternal life in Heaven! Check out John 3:16 & find a good Bible-based church for friendship & fellowship. \(^o^)/



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